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    On the road to Everest Base Camp, Tibet

    October 2nd, 2007 by mary

    We are packed, with way too much clothes and food, on this the eve of our Everest Base Camp attempt on the Tibet side. Okay, so all we’re going to do tomorrow is sit in a car for 7hrs but that doesn’t sound nearly as exciting. Over the next few days we’ll be seeing the Tibetan mountainside, staying in villages, trying yak butter tea, gaining altitude and trying to acclimate. Our goal is to spend the night at the tents in base camp at 17,000ft with Mount Everest looming over head.

    Given our earlier encounter with altitude sickness we’re trying to take every precaution to make each step a success. This is testing ground for us as next we will be making the 15 day hike on the Nepal side to their Everest Base Camp. That will be much more challenging and physically demanding.

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