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    Ahoy Landlubbers from St. John, US Virgin Islands.

    May 6th, 2006 by steve

    We finished up our sailing lessons yesterday and are now certified by some crazy organization to rent big boats all by ourselves. We learned how to do a bunch of cool sailor stuff like jibe, tack and heave-to. Mary also learned the heave-ho and YMCA, but that’s a different story. Now we just need to find some crazy friends with a boat to tool around the islands with. Anyone?

    Here in St. John, we found an eco-tourism campground just off the beach that rents permanent tents. They’ve got what seems like miles of boardwalk that run up and down the surrouding hills to connect all these little tent-cabins tucked away in the trees. It’s kinda like being an ewok, but with less fur and living a little closer to the ground. The worst part is that it is absolutely crawling with hippies. They’re everywhere… I think this net connection is even solar powered…

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    6 Responses

    1. Dan Says:

      I read this and just thought “A three hour tour.” I wonder which would be Gilligan, actually I have that figured out.

    2. Dad Says:

      WOW, would you 2 make it in the us navy?
      so now you are beach bums of the tent variety

    3. steve Says:

      well, the skipper was taken. marianne was taken. mr and mrs howell were taken. that leaves gilligan, the professor and ginger…

    4. mary Says:

      one of my personal highlights was learning how to tie all those crazy knots! the funnest is the “round and two half hitches” because it looks like a donut and pretzel. if any of you wacky people out there are interested in getting your sailing certification, check out

    5. Anonymous Says:

      Steve, that photo of you at the helm is actually convincing if it weren’t for that sh_t eating grin. However, you kinda remind me of Captain Ron… DEW

    6. steve Says:

      Heh. That grin is the proud result of a 2nd rate education. Notice I’m chillin’ at the wheel while Mary is working the winch (jib sheet, I believe). Stay in school.

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