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Spain 2008


7/19/06 - 8/10/06

We touched down in Sevilla, Spain en route to Morcco. But it's really not easy to move quickly through Spain. The sites are good, the food is good, to people are nice. Why would we leave? Well, we did, but we'll be back soon (May 2008, it turns out).


I like Sevilla. It's pretty, rustic and full of good food. We wandered the usual sights of the Alcazar, Palace, Plaza del Toros, river, Cathedral and all. But it's the Spanish shopping districts with the ornate Andalusian facades and canopied walkways that stick in my mind. Our best find was a tapas restaurant on a small alley near our hotel. It was setup something like a steam bath with rising bleacher seats along the wall. Cool.

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Our only other stop on this rum through Spain was the coastal town of Tarifa. We stayed in the old walled part of town, right off the ocean. There's a point just outside where the Atlantic and Mediterranean come together. It's cold on one side and really cold and windy on the other.

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