Photo Albums


Our travels before the current adventure

From the days when we worked to travel...


The Americas

   Baja Mexico 2005

   Patagonia and Easter Island 2005

   Belize 2003


   Paris 2002

   France, Spain and Portugal 2000
   Italy, France 1997

    China 2005

    Japan 1997


Weekend Trips around the San Francisco Bay Area

     Sonoma Biplane ride and Safari West for Mary's birthday 2002
     Desolation Wilderness Hike, Lake Tahoe July 2003
     Hiking Halfdome in Yosemite September 2003

     Drive up the California Coast for 4th of July, 2004

     Desolation Wilderness Hike, Lake Tahoe July 2004

     Camping with the Guys in Yosemite July 2004

     White Shark at Monterey Bay Aquarium in October 2004

     Marine World in May 2005

      Merlot in May at Sterling Vineyards and SF Fireworks 2005


     Las Vegas and Grand Canyon in June 2005

     San Jose Grand Prix in July 2005

     Point Reyes, California in July 2005

     Hiking Halfdome in Yosemite August 2005



Random Pictures of Friends, Family and Stuff

Pictures and stuff that I haven't gotten around to cleaning up yet.



Scuba Diving

Dive trips and the promise that I'll someday assemble all the cool dive pics from other trips..


     Channel Islands, Southern California in August 2004

     Dominica (Caribbean) May 2006

     Wreck of the Rhone, Tortola, BVI June 2006



Pictures from around the house

Here's some pictures taken from the Los Gatos house. Sky, trees, fireworks and the Silicon Valley skyline. 

     The Vineyard

     Fireworks around the Bay Area - July 4th, 2003

     Rebuilding the Carport  Summer 2003

     Halloween Party 2003

     Fireworks - July 4th, 2004

     Building the Wine Cellar  2004 / 2005