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    Cutting the Cord

    September 18th, 2008 by mary

    You know how people say that over time couples start to become each other? Well, that gets exponentially more magnified when you’re together 24/7 and are usually the only other person to intereact with. So suffice it to say that we have grown accustom to one another. But how will we get along with other people? Well, as we were headed back to the States on separate planes we would soon find out. Steve was going to do the family circuit through Wisconsin and Oregon. I was going directly to sunny California. So we’ll find out if the cord between us is of the bungee or umbilical variety.

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    Going Green

    September 18th, 2008 by mary

    No, we’re not wearing hemp clothes or starting our own organic farm. We went to Ireland and if I had to describe the island nation in one word that’d be it: Green. We only had a few days in the Dublin area on our way back to the States from Paris but it was easy to find the common theme. The countryside is all shades of grass. There are scary leprechauns standing on corners accosting tourists. On the street green is the perennial black. And don’t even pretend you can walk out of the Irish souvenir megastore without a bagful of shamrock paraphernalia.

    Oh yeah, and then there was Guinness. Can’t forget this highlight, Ireland won’t let you. It’s everywhere and it’s flowing freely. Going to where it all began and still brewing strong was neato. Sipping the free pint at the 360 bar overlooking Dublin made it all go down smoothly.

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    I’m Not Good with Goodbyes

    September 18th, 2008 by mary

    I know 3 months is a short time to call a place home but Paris was just that; more so than anywhere else we’d been in our crazy adventure. Of course in the last weeks we had copious amounts of the foods we’ve come to love. Ah, chiboust I will miss you so. And what will our friendly waiter at O’Jilou think when he notices the Americans aren’t coming by to butcher his native language anymore? How will I ever get by without my gelato fix at Amorino? It seems cruel to separate me from Fauchon so soon. Sure the departure was largely self imposed but it was time to move on and bring the travel to a close. At least we were leaving on our terms. Next time we go to Paris it would be to live there.

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