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    Waterslide, Turkey


    These shoes were made for the road

    December 14th, 2006 by mary

    This is one of the best recycling scenes I’ve ever seen. There was a mountain of shoes made from old tires at the market in Lalibela. Some had Goodyear and Michelin tread on the soles but Steve picked a more comfortable pair made from sidewalls off an Ethiopian brand. Even the locals were making fun of him when he was walking around in these farmer shoes. (Steve’s note: they were ADMIRING my new ‘farmer’ shoes)

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    3 Responses

    1. Jow Says:

      Does this mean I can toss out that brand new, fancy pair of shoes in my duffel bag? It would make more room for sausage…!

    2. mary Says:

      Sausage…ha! I’d like to see you get that through customs. No really, I would because salami would really hit the spot right now. mmmm.. :d

    3. steve Says:

      We got a ride to internet today from a guy in Nairboi who is making western quality tire shoes. They’re actually quite nice with full tread from reject tires. There has to be a huge internation hippie market for such an environmentally sound – and stylish – product. Anyone interested in a distributorship for the lucrative Santa Cruz / Berkeley region?

      John, find room for my shoes AND the sausage. And don’t forget the 6pack of Barqs.

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