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    Victoria and Steve Falls

    March 30th, 2007 by steve

    Vic Falls is one of the bigger tourist traps…errr attractions… in southern Africa. The falls are about 3/4 mile wide and up to 350 feet tall. That’s roughly twice as wide and twice as tall as Niagra. Unlike Niagra, the water falls over the wide side of a gorge and you can stand on the other side, maybe 200 feet away. You really can feel the power when so close. The downside is that you are so close and the gorge so narrow that the water is forced back upwards into a rainstorm that prevents you from actually seeing the falls at times. We couldn’t see the entire falls at any time. Turns out that this is partly thanks to the highest water in something like 40 years and 40% more than last years record flow. It was more like looking at 20 individual 300 foot tall waterfalls strung together.

    Just to make sure we tourists can truly enjoy mother nature, there’s a bridge over the gorge that is home to the third highest commercial bungee jump in the world at ~350′. Now I didn’t scream or cry, but it was close. The absolute worst part is taking that final step off the edge, but a near second place is being told to carefully hop over to the edge with your legs bound! The jump was incredible, of course. From the bottom, the view of the waterfall was great and surrounded by a 360 degree rainbow. And I saw all 360 degrees because I was spinning once every 3 seconds for about a minute.

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    2 Responses

    1. Dad Says:

      where are the pics of the mighty jumper, didn’t you take your camera along, haha

    2. steve Says:

      That is me in the picture! Just gotta look to the bottom of the rope. I’m the blue dot. And yeah, taking a camera with me didn’t sound like such a great idea…but I wish I had as the view was amazing.

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