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    ouch. OUCH. AAAAAHHH. Thump thump thump. OUCH!!!!

    March 30th, 2007 by steve

    We camped a night at Spitzkopf, Namibia’s 2000 foot Matterhorn of craggy rocks and rough boulders seemingly put in the middle of the desert just for us to climb. Being lazy, we picked a small 500′ish rock to play with. Our first bit of excitement was a 4′ monitor that ran hiding into a nearby bush and he turned out to be the friendliest creature we met.As we ascended the rock looking for fun paths, I started climbing up a narrow canyon with a bizarre tree that I wanted to check out up close. I got under the tree and within a split second of hearing really loud buzzing all around me, started feeling sharp stabs on my back.

    I spun around and started running down the rocks to get away from the pain and managed to slide off my sandals on a boulder and do my best humpty dumpty down a few boulders. My sandals and backpack had gone flying, but I did bring along a nicely sprained ankle, bloody stump of a foot and handful of stings with me. I didn’t stick around long enough to see if they were hornets, wasps or some awful African monster bug. Let me know if you can identify the hive on the tree (photo bravely taken by Mary after the attack). As if this wasn’t fun enough, we still had to get me down the rocks and a kilometer or two back to the campsite.

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