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    Step 1 – Flee the Valley

    April 5th, 2006 by steve

    We made it out! The last couple days were incredibly hectic and we wouldn’t have made it without some incredible help from Weldon. He must have really wanted to see us leave…
    We landed right after lunch in St. Thomas and spent the day recovering from the recent lack of sleep. Now we need to figure out how to repack our luggage to fit onto the puddle jumper that will take us to the Dominican Republic tomorrow. It’s amazing how much space all those little DC power adapters take up and how little luggage space a small plane can have.

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    1. mary Says:

      Actually, Steve spent most of the afternoon getting some well deserved sleep while I lounged by the pool using the ‘puter to plan Day 2.
      Here’s the trip tally thus far..
      Times laptop dropped: 1
      Incidences involving bloodshed: 1
      Things we forgot to pack: Q-tips

      And congratulations on the new Kleinke brought into the world the same day we left ours. A big HELLO to Madison in Portland.

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