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    Pulau Derawan, Indonesia


    Step 3 – Profits

    April 8th, 2006 by steve

    Saturday April 8th – I think…
    It’s our 2nd full day in Las Galeras on the northeast corner of the Dominican Republic. We arrived Wednesday morning and found a comfy bus to take us the 4 1/2 hours to our nearest big town – Samana. From there, it was a bouncy cab ride down a 10mile dirt road to our current home. This area is growing very quickly. There are huge walled estates sprinkled in between the somewhat impoverished fishing villages. I suppose nothing here is truly “impoverished”, though. Third world, yes. But there appears to be food and warm weather for all. There’s a lot of dogs running around, but they’re all fat, happy and wearing collars.
    We had a bit of excitement today. We spent the morning talking with a Bostonian couple that built a house up the road and walked out to a hidden beach she told us about. Had some great fresh pineapple juice and went back into town. Just after we finished lunch, Mary collapsed at the mercado shopping for juice. She’s fine, of course. The people here were great. Even got a ride back to the hotel from someone. The concensus from the locals was dehydration exacerbated by too much pineapple juice. Who would have thought …

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    5 Responses

    1. Anonymous Says:

      I don’t buy the dehydration bit–I’ve seen the huge bottles of water Mary lugs around.


    2. mary Says:

      It was what I would imagine a bad acid trip to feel like, can’t feel your body any more, everything looks like bright purple dots, then you wake up and throw up.

      In the end it gave me an excuse to lay around the pool all day and it gained me notariety in this small, gossip prone village as the asian girl, with the guy of unknown origin, who passed out at the mercado.

    3. Anonymous Says:

      What happended to STEP 2?

    4. sky Says:

      good, a pain in the foot, to go with the pain in the ass :-) hope you get better. try 80 proof tequilla. makes anything better.

    5. Anonymous Says:

      bad acid trip? is it like when you passed out from the “special” brownies when we went tubing? – b.lowe

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