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    Dugong Dive, Singapore


    Here’s some pictures to go with the book that Mary is writing for you now…

    April 16th, 2006 by steve

    I’ll blame the week silence on the intermittent internet….

    View from the grill at Playa Rincon

    But some of the delay was good old fashioned US of A laziness.

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    4 Responses

    1. Anonymous Says:

      You humped the tree so hard it fell over?

    2. Anonymous Says:

      Those must be Mary’s nuts. They sure aren’t Steve’s.

    3. steve Says:

      Nah, the tree won. And I don’t care who’s nuts they are so long as the machete that cut them down stays away from me. Might be something for Jay to think about, though.

    4. Anonymous Says:

      Ouch, my b_lls!

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