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    Pulau Sipidan, Malaysia


    The Nitty Gritty

    December 19th, 2007 by mary

    Not showering for 2 weeks wasn’t as bad as I had thought. Sure there were showers available but they were outdoor and the stream fed water would’ve snapped my hair off. The occasional wet wipe was good enough. For the entire 14 days we were constantly freezing so we never took off our base layer except to quickly change once at the half way point. Well, some of us did. I think the socks probably took the hardest hit. You know it’s been a rough hike when you can see the smell wafting off your feet. Really.

    It wasn’t until we were back in the warmth of Kathmandu that we showered and for the first week our skin slowly sloughed off several layers. It was like we were shedding two weeks worth of skin and dirt all at once.

    We stumbled upon just a couple nice bathrooms. Indoor, porcelain and with a door!

    Here’s one of the most beautiful outhouses in the world, but you really did not want to get stuck going out to it in the middle of the night. Although somebody “smart” propped their tent right next to it.

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    1. Jow Says:

      Dude, I can still smell those feet. Warm, wet, and dank. Oh, the memories!

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