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    Diving the Rig, Malaysia


    muchas fotografias

    April 20th, 2006 by steve

    I finally posted a few pictures of Las Galeras on the website. Head back to and check out the Travelogue. I’d try to write something mildly entertaining for you, but Mary has been waiting on me to head to the beach and find a color other than pale for the next set of pictures. So you’ll just have to wait.

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    6 Responses

    1. Sky Says:

      Great photos.

      You both should get your hair braided like the locals. They tried to get that done to me while I was down at St. Johns, but I really chickened out.

    2. Sky Says:

      That dog is eyeing that cow head in the eyes! hahaha, classic photo. Steve, keep away from the machetes though. Are those the steer’s testicles hanging out there in the open? (okay, I’ll stop at that since this is a family oriented site).

    3. Anonymous Says:

      Steve, for being a software guy, your website navigation or design leaves a TON to be desired. Get back to work and order that pina cola while doing it.

    4. Anonymous Says:

      Very cool. Why were you swimming with your shirt on? Hair braiding is cool, but not sure you have enough hair; Mary would love it! Deb did it in Jamaica, it only cost a few conch shells… -Bill

    5. Sky Says: I didn’t see this page before. Is this the pony you always wanted as a little girl? Awww, how cute :-) Meanwhile, Steve’s having a little Yiya– looking stunned as Paul and Katie tell him, “that ain’t chicken.”

    6. Anonymous Says:

      Hey “anonymous” – It should be known that software people can’t design UIs to save their lives. We hire hippies for that stuff. UI design suggestions can be sent to where they will be appropriately filed as “enhancement requests”.

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